Is winter weighing you down???

Oh baby its cold outside…. Time to get out those winter woollies and ugg boots and hibernate.  Unfortunately with this weather also comes less exercise, comfort eating and carbohydrate cravings and before you know it a few kilos have creept on, sound familiar??  Its also a time of year when most of us pick up one or two colds, or worse the flu, so what can we do to help combat winters health challenges.

  • A good hearty breakfast to kickstart the day and your metabolism.  Reach for the porridge with added LSA or chia seeds, or eggs with spinach and tomato.
  • Menu plan and be prepared, keep your freezer stocked for those busy times.  Doesn’t matter what you are making, double the ingredients and put the leftovers in the correct portion sizes in your fridge.
  • Soup, soup and more soup.  A wonderful, warming healthy comfort food, really there is nothing better on a cold day than to tuck into a great big bowl of steaming soup. Best of all its simple and you don’t need a recipe, just add vegetables, beans & legumes or organic chicken to some stock and let the stove top do the rest.  My favourite at the moment is carrot, sweet potato and chickpeas or what I call the ‘crisper soup’, you know whatever you have left over in the fridge at the end of the week in a pot with stock & herbs.
  • Dust off the slow cooker and have dinner prepared while you are at work.  Just remember to always serve with some steamed green vegetables to balance the meal out.
  • To ward off colds and sniffles add plenty of garlic, onion and leeks to your meals for extra flavor and powerful antioxidants.  They are well known for their anti-bacterial action, promote a  healthy liver and boost our metabolism.
  • Include a wide variety of vegetables every day, think of a rainbow on your plate – carrots, sweet potato, capsicum, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, green beans, kale, zucchini, corn – colour!!!
  • Keep hydrated, although its harder to drink water during winter we still need it just as much to help flush our toxins and keep our kidney healthy.  Plus all that cold and wind outside and the extra heating inside really dries out our skin.
  • Fish – a great lean protein its also full of essential Omega 3 fats that help protect our skin, important for our brain function and memory and an important part of any weight management and healthy lifestyle regime.
  • Keep your snacks in check – instead of high calorie, nutrient deficient white flour and sugary products, go instead for nuts and seeds, a piece of fruit, boiled egg, cup of fresh vegetable soup to keep you going between meals. 
  • Maintain some exercise,  its easy to let it slip during winter but its important to still keep it as part of your routine.

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