Need help keeping your resolution?

Happy New Year to everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year with friends and family.  By now you will have all set your New Year Resolution and the biggest one by far has to be to shed those extra kilos and reduce our wobbly bits.  The first couple of weeks are great but  unfortunately by the end of January most people have given up on their goal and returned to old habits.  There are many reasons for this and here are my top 5 pitfalls that often bring even the most well meaning of people unstuck. 

1.            Not eating enough.  Sounds silly doesn’t it but often when we embark on a weight loss regime we reduce our intake so much that it can’t possibly last, we can only survive on a reduced diet for so long!  This will also decrease your metabolism which means when you stop starving yourself you will put all the weight back on and more!  Welcome to world of yoyo dieting. 

 2.            Poor planning.  If you are going to change your eating habits the best thing you can do is plan for it and think how you are going to make this happen!  Think about the types of meals you are going to prepare – have you made a stir fry before or do you need to get a recipe?  Sounds simple but hugely important.

 3.            Hydration.  Are you drinking enough water, a minimum of 2 litres per day and perhaps more on a very hot summer’s day.  We often mistake hunger for thirst, so before you reach for the snack or seconds have a drink and wait to see how your body responds.

 4.            Drinking your calories.  While we are on the subject of drinking make sure that you are not drinking soft drinks, cordial or lots of fruit juice which has many hidden calories.

 5.            Portion control.   In today’s society our portions are out of control, we are bombarded with the notion that more is better and upsizing is the way to go!  Unfortunately this is not the case and it’s important to go back to basics and reduce your portions slowly over time.

 There is no denying that changing our eating habits and adopting a healthy lifestyle can be a challenging and difficult experience.  Be realistic with your resolution, set your goals and how you are going to achieve them.  My biggest tip is to eat smaller regular meals with 2 snacks a day, concentrating on real, nutrient dense wholefoods. 

 Next time I’ll cover healthy snacks, which would have been my number 6 in the pitfall list.

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